By Josie Jo, Feb 6 2018 10:54AM

As a co-founder of SCIP (Seaford Contemporary Illustrators and Printmakers) I'm delighted to be helping to organise and brand 'The Book Show', an exhibition of contemporary illustration and printmaking inspired by chidren's literature. We will be bringing together some of the UK's finest illustrators and printmakers to celebrate the magical world of kids books with this exciting exhibition. There will also be a range of mini events taking place during the show including a World Book Day fancy Dress Competition, a pop up Rhyme time, FREE Mark Making workshops, Design a book jacket competition and author readings and story teller performances. Find out more on the SCIP website here.

By Josie Jo, Nov 21 2017 02:22PM

Delighted to announce that Scuba Beluga is swimming quickly up the competition chart! Currently position 15 out of 2000 entries as I write! If you have not bought the cushion or voted yet please do so here It is the last week and you will receive a special Black Friday discount! As you can see one happy customer is loving this vegan suede special comfy cushion!

By Josie Jo, Oct 19 2017 01:10PM

Having fun experimenting with this deep sea scene! Scuba Beluga is the name and you can watch out for it on the Ohh Deer pillow fight in the next few days.